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The meeting was called to order by Carole Ide, President, at 8:55 AM CST on June 4, 2004.   

Roll Call

The following participants were present:

Region 1 – Janet  Packwood

Region 2 – Cindy Lord

Region 3 – Mary Lee Martin

Region 4 – Robin Smith

Region 5 – Carole Liedtke

Region 6 – Pat Panichas

Region 7 – Bonnie Synol

Region 8 – Sheila Ragle


President – Carole Ide

Vice President – Evelyn Chandler

Secretary/Treasurer – Betty Sroufe

Judges’ Cup Director – Patty Shipman

Librarian – Judy Dobransky – on site at Librarian’s Booth


Evelyn Chandler, Vice President, and Robin Smith, RJD Region IV, were welcomed as new members.  Carole sadly announced that Cindy Lord will be resigning since she will be moving out of Region II.  An election will be held for that region.


The minutes for the June 26-28, 2003 meeting at Myrtle Beach, SC were approved.  Martin/Packwood - passed

The minutes for the Conference Call on February 18, 2004 were approved as amended with the following:

  • Mary Lee Martin was listed as excused in place of absent
  • Butch Zunich’s last name was added
  • Heading was changed to “Communication with Men’s Judging Association”

Lord/Synol – passed

President’s Report – Carole Ide

Carole distributed a written report reflecting summaries of the meetings she attended as the NAWGJ representative.  She also described the “Thank you” gifts sent to Amy Rager and Joan Geel who left the board in 2003.

Insurance Report

The possibility of getting insurance coverage for SGB members was discussed.  We need to know the number of board members to be covered.  RJD’s are asked to get the number of elected state governing board members from their SJD’s on Sunday and report to Carole.  The constitution (p.2, Art. Sec. 1F) requires SGB’s to have 5-9 elected members. 

A discussion was held requiring Active Status Coordinators to be elected members of the State Governing Board.  The discussion was tabled and referred to the Constitution Committee (Evelyn Chandler (VP), Mary Lee Martin and Carole Leidtke).  The committee will meet this weekend and report back to the National Board with recommendations.  Shipman/Smith – approved.

Vice President’s Report – Evelyn Chandler

The Director’s Guide and Operating Code will be updated and emailed to each NGB Member by the end of the summer.  Taking over the responsibilities of the position and acquiring the materials has taken more time than expected.

Treasurer’s Report – Betty Sroufe

Betty distributed copies of the budget and membership report to each member and reviewed each.  The current membership as of 4/04 was 1904.  The national budget is currently $128,000.  Due to a successful Judges’ Cup, proceeds will be transferred to the savings account to offset the deficit from 2002.  In 6/03, the SJD’s voted to send an assessment to the National Office for the next three fiscal years at the rate of $6 - $5 - $5 per year until the national reserve is returned to its initial amount. This amount was to be revisited annually.  A discussion was held and it was decided to continue with the $5 assessment this year.  If the Judges’ Cup continues to be successful, it is possible that the 3rd year assessment may not be necessary.  It was decided the $5 would be assessed this year in the same manner as in 2003. 

National Judges’ Cup Coordinator Report – Patty Shipman

The report for the 2004 National Judges’ Cup held in Seattle, Washington was distributed.  The meet showed a profit with judges from over 27 states represented.  Carole Ide complimented Region II judges for their outstanding support and positive contributions.

At the NAWGJ Judges’ Cup, the NAWGJ uniform is to be worn by all judges and meet personnel who are volunteering as NAWGJ members. Leidtke/Sroufe– approved.

Patty introduced a proposal asking that the coordinator’s position be amended to include the coordinator as the meet director.  She would like to increase consistency in communication, awards, meet alignment, etc.  A motion was made to change the format of the National Judges’ Cup for one year to include: Patty Shipman will serve as Meet Director and pay the expenses of a small staff to assist her and NAWGJ awards will be developed. Ragle/Lord – 9 approved, 1 abstention.  

Librarian – Judy Dobransky

Judy will be distributing 2 films on Sunday.  One is a 2004 vaulting film that will need  to be evaluated by groups of judges from each state so a national range can be established.  A second film “Bits and Pieces: An Adventure on Beam” will be accompanied by suggestions for use.

Web Site

A motion was approved to accept the eligibility of National Web Site Director as an appointed position. Ragle/Smith – approved.  The position will be added to the Newsletter Editor’s responsibilities as National Newsletter Editor/Web Site Director. Ragle/Panichas – approved.

Judy Hoeferlin, current National Newsletter Editor, will fulfill this position and be given a start-up account to cover expenses described in the duties outlined. Ragle/Leidtke – approved.

SJD’s will be reminded to send newsletters to the president, vice president, secretary/treasurer AND newsletter editor/web site director.

Old Business

NAWGJ Compensation Package – Carole Ide and Evelyn Chandler will take the work that the compensation committee recommended in June 2004 and update it and email it all national board members.

NAWGJ Symposium  DoubleTree Hotel – Portland-Lloyd Center, Portland, Oregon, July 14-17, 2005 – A committee (Chandler, Ragle, Smith, Lord, Leidtke, Shipman) reported the following recommendations:  Lisa Boylan was named as the on-site director and will  serve as a spokesperson with the hotel.  Patty Shipman will try to get all of the information from the former symposium director.  Sheila Ragle volunteered to be the chairperson of the registration committee.  Other committees will be developed in the near future with the initial flyer to be mailed to all members in early September.

New Business

NCAA Assigning Proposal – Beverly Plocki and Mike Lorenzen addressed the board and explained the proposal the NACGC/W will be presenting to the NCAA that is to have the NAWGJ appoint twelve assigners and a National Coordinator to assign judges for the 2005 season. Smith/Synol -approved.  

If the NCAA accepts the coach’s proposal, Carole Ide was selected to serve as the National Coordinator for NAWGJ. Panichas/Ragle – approved. 

For the pilot year, the 12 assigners will be selected from those who complete applications.  A committee (Pat Panichas, Janet Packwood, and Evelyn Chandler) will assist Carole in selecting the assigners. 

The tentative proposal indicates schools will pay $15 per judge assigned.  The assigners will be asked to return $3 of that amount to NAWGJ (national) to cover first year costs, assigning insurance and needed conference calls.

Judges’ Certification, Inc. (JCI)

Carole announced the USAG has informed Judges’ Certification, Inc. that their services will no longer be needed commencing with the first testing in the summer of 2005.  After much discussion, Cindy Lord, Mary Lee Martin, and Bonnie Synol were selected to draft a letter to be sent to the USAG office in support of keeping the certification of judges by JCI.  Sue Ammerman, JCI president, will address the state judging directors in their workshop on Sunday.

Legal Assistance – A discussion was held as to the merits of having an attorney on retainer.  Carole will do some research and get back to the board.

Proposals considered under New Business:

A. Proxy Votes

           The issue of allowing proxy’s to vote was sent to the constitution committee.

B. Determination of Judge’s Membership

            A judge’s membership is in the state where she resides.  This includes voting and assigning rotations.  Synol/Sroufe – Did not pass ( For – 2, Opposed – 3, Abstained – 5)

C. Future Symposium Sites

            Consider alternating sites of symposium to opposite sides of the country.  Proposal tabled.

D. Issue of Co-SJDs

            Sharing of SJD duties (co-SJDs) should be permitted. Smith/Lord – motioned and withdrew motion.  Referred to constitution committee.

E. Additions to Documents

            The history of NAWGJ and the mission statement should be included when the guide is redone.  The JOG (Judge’s Operating Code) is to be added to the website under membership benefits.

Motion to adjourn was made at 9:35 PM, June 4, 2004 by Robin Smith and seconded by Bonnie Synol.


Respectively submitted,                                                 Minutes read and approved,


Evelyn Chandler                                                           Carole Ide

Vice President                                                              President                      Date