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JUNE 2000

Roll Call

President - Carole Ide
Vice President - Judy Grenfell
Secretary/Treasurer - Betty Sroufe
Region 1 - Joan Geel and Janet Packwood
Region 2 - Cindy Lord
Region 3 - Mary Lee Martin
Region 4 - Robin Ruegg  
Region 5 - Carole Liedtke
Region 6 - Pat Panichas
Region 7 - Amy Rager (arrived 3:15)
Region 8 - Sheila Ragle
Past President - Yvonne Hodge
Symposium Director - Ellie Chenoweth
Librarian - Judy Dobransky
Judges’ Cup Director - Patty Shipman

Approval of Minutes

The President called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m., June 22, 2000.  The new directors of Region 2 and Region 8 were asked to introduce themselves.  The minutes were read and accepted. (Ruegg/Panichas)

Motion:  NAWGJ will develop a plaque or certificate for outgoing RJDs for years of service – 4, 8, 12 years.  (Liedtke/Panichas, M/S/P)


Past President

Yvonne reported on the proposal to restructure the USAG Governing Board and thanked the Governing Board for their hard work through the year.


Carole represented NAWGJ at the Women’s Administrative Board Meeting.  NAWGJ was asked by USAG to remind all SJDs to have all technical information approved by the RTC before publication.


Betty presented the budget and financial report and reminded the RJDs to be sure the state reports are correct and timely.  She reviewed the procedures for financial reporting.  Copies of SJD report forms were distributed.

For reporting purposes, a current member is one who is current at the time of the report.  SJDs are responsible for keeping Betty’s lists and files up to date regarding names, addresses, phone numbers, and uniform possession.

Officers were reminded to place the signatures of the National Officers on their NAWGJ bank accounts.

RJDs were sent a letter from JCI requesting a list of judging exams scheduled for their regions for the year (dates and sites) with copies to Rene and Betty.

Regional Reports

Regional reports were presented. Of interest, Region 8 has five new SJDs as well as a new RJD.

Judges’ Cup Report

A written report was presented outlining the success of the National Judges Cup of January, 2000.  The cup was held at the Texas Sports Ranch and hosted 450 athletes and judges from 24 states.

Old Business


The Director proposed that the NAWJG Symposium of 2001 be held at the Hyatt Hotel of Newport Beach, CA.  The hotel, which is on the beach, is a short distance from Orange County airport (free shuttle service).  The dates are July 12-15 and rooms start at $135 per night for single/double. 

The first Certification Exam of the new cycle, as well as the first Level 10 recertification will be held here.

Motion:  NAWGJ accept the location in California. (Ruegg/Panichas, M/S/P)

The meeting was adjourned until Friday morning.

National Judges’ Cup Mission Statement

Motion:  NAWGJ adopt the mission statement proposed for the National Judges’ Cup.  (Ruegg/Ragle, M/S/P)

Administrative Assistant

Motion:                   NAWGJ will suspend the office of administrative assistant on a trial period of one year, with the duties assigned by the president as follows:       

Minutes - vice president or designated RJD, SJD, or outside assistance.

Elections – vice president

Operating Code – president with outside assistance.

Other duties as assigned by the president.  (Geel/Lord, M/S/P)


The Governing Board reaffirmed that the uniform should be worn at all meets.  The uniform for men is the NAWGJ navy suit with a white shirt and tie. 

Motion:  The NAWGJ official uniform (blazer, skirt and white blouse) must be worn at the National Judges’ Cup. (Panichas/ Martin, M/S/P)

New Business

Directors’ Insurance

Our directors are currently not covered.  Motion:  The President will explore and purchase directors’ insurance.  (Grenfell/Liedtke, M/S/P)


Motion:   Any reimbursement for use of personal equipment, such as computers, fax machines, etc.  needs to be approved in writing by the state governing board and reported to the RJD. (Rager/Martin, M/S/P)

Special Events

A revision to the special events form will be worked on and presented to the board by Patty Panichas and Sheila Ragle.


Motion:   RJDs and SJDs will be allowed to receive an honorarium  $50/day for official NAWGJ meetings from the NAWGJ account.   (Liedtke/Rager, DEFEATED 7-2)


Motion:  Robin Ruegg will oversee the establishment of an NAWGJ webpage.  (Rager/Lord, M/S/P)


Motion:  NAWGJ will reduce newsletters to two expanded editions annually to be supplemented by the website.  (Packwood/Sroufe, M/S/P)  Likely issues will be Sept/Oct and Mar/Apr.

SJD duties

The following additions to the SJD job description were proposed:

  • Promote the National Judges Cup
  • Run the State Governing Board Election
  • Keep a list of all past SJDs and State Governing Board Members
  • File timely financial reports when fundraisers and special events are held
  • Complete and file the yearly statistical report form by November 15

Motion:  NAWGJ approve the addition of the listed SJD duties.  (Liedtke/Sroufe, M/S/P)

JCI Liaison

Motion:  The liaison to JCI will be changed from a duty of the vice president to that of the president. (Liedtke/Sroufe, M/S/P)


Motion:  A judge may be a professional member in only one state.  (Ruegg/Rager, M/S/P)


Eligible candidates must be in good standing with active status up-to-date and be at least 21 years of age by the date ballots are sent. 

Motion:  State Judging Directors and Governing Board members must reside in the state they represent.  (Sroufe/Grenfell, M/S/P) 

Motion:  The Regional Judging Director must reside in the region represented.  (Ruegg/Packwood, M/S/P)

Motion:  A member may only run for office in the state in which they reside except under special circumstances when they may petition the Regional Governing Board in writing.  (Sroufe/Grenfell, M/S/P)

Motion:  A member may only run for office in the region in which they reside except under special circumstances when they may petition the National Governing Board in writing.  (Sroufe/Grenfell, M/S/P)

Motion:  A form will be developed declaring a candidate elected by acclamation [if they are unopposed].  (Ruegg/Lord, M/S/P)  Carole will do this.

Motion:  A member may only serve in one of the following positions simultaneously:  SJD, RJD, National Officer (Ragle/Geel, M/S/P).

Fee Structure

The ad hoc committee to develop proposals for the new fee structure will be Mary Lee Martin, Amy Rager and Carole Ide.


The ad hoc committee appointed to look at awards will be Janet Packwood, Patty Panichas and Amy Rager.


The program committee will be Judy Grenfell and Cindy Lord.

The meeting was adjourned by the President.