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1970 West Coast Judges Class: l to r: Inky Ledford, Shirley Ruhlman, Karen Patiole, Madame Nagy, Bette Nelson, Sue Singrin, Del Youngren, Liz Holey, Florence Palas, Sharon Weber


Sandy Oldham

Photo at left is from 1970 Gymnast Magazine:
F.I.G. Judging Course

"Very unexpectedly SCAT Direrctor Bud Marquette was asked to set up a West Coast judging course for women which was to be conducted by the world renowned Hungarian expert Madame Nagy. Burning the midnight oil and thousands of miles of phone conversations - all this was established while in Denver, attending the World Games Trial Championships. Arriving home August 9, all plans were finalized and the classes began promptly at 9:00 on Monday. In attendance were nine ladies hurriedly assembled from various parts of the West Coast. Conducting the sessions from 9:00 a.m. untill 5:00 p.m. for four successive days was truly a challenge to many of the ladies. All those taking the course passed with a grade point of 7.0 or better. However three who showed promise of future International ability were Sharon Weber of Huntington Beach with an incredible score of 9.0, followed by Karen Patiole (Wisen) of Seattle, Washington with an 8.6 and then Sue Singrin of Long Beach with a score of 8.3. Mrs. Ingrid Schindler did an excellent job as interpreter as everyone gained unforgettable knowledge from this most wonderful person, Madame Nagy. At the conclusion of the tests Madame Nagy was given personal gifts for her remembrance of us. The Long Beach Scats, 1970 USGF and AAU National Champions presented her with a memorable plaque and colored group photo of the team.

We all considered it a great privilege and honor to have spent so brief a time with such a tremendous person who we know has such a busy schedule. Our thanks also to Mr. Frank Bare and the USGF for making this possible."

1980 Judging Independent Club Nationals, Allentown, PA (photo from Lois Colburn)

left to right: Audrey Schweyer, Sharon Valley, Delene Darst, Patsy Knepper, Lois Colburn, Joanne Pasquale, Marilyn Sheldon (former SJD Vermont), Carole Ide

This meet was held prior to the National notification that the US was not going to the Olympics in Moscow.
The mascots were Misha bears. Julie Ann McNamara and Tracie Talavera were in the meet. It was held in the Allentown, PA area. Those are the old royal blue uniforms.

One of the perks of being in Region 2!
Regional meet in Hawaii, early1987 Class I Regional:
Genie McElroy, Karen Wisen, Vad Woodside, Darlene Raymond, June Houghton, Kay Canedy, Laurel Tindall, Priscilla Hickey, Gail Saiki (photo from Priscilla)


More Region 2: 1988 Class I Regional 
Some of the judges....Cindy Lord, Vad Woodside, Genie McElroy, Ruth Sandoz, Lori Henninger, Shirley Rhodes, Laurie Reid in front in red vest, Pam Zak in back peeking through - of course the shortest is in the back...., Laurel Tindall, Hannah Collins, Jim Bittinger?, Priscilla Hickey, Donna Lucero, Karen Wisen, Cydni Meideros?, June Houghton in front, Denise Green, Barb MacAfee (photo from Priscilla)

2010 Symposium
Chicago NAWGJ Hall of Famers Carole Ide, Yvonne Hodge, Delene Darst, Linda Chencinski, Betty Sroufe, Joanne Aschenbrenner, Sue Ammerman

The Humor of Mary Lee Martin:
left to right: 1999; 2000; 2001


2014 Symposium - some of the original NAWGJ members.

(left to right: Nancy Claar (PA), Carole Bunge (CO), (?),
Marian Dykes (GA), René Niccollai, Judy Bodman (CO), Carole Liedtke (KY), ?

front - Dalene Darst (NC), Judy Dobransky (MI)

Janet Packwood


1988 Ft Worth, TX Elite Westerns
Sharon Weber, Priscilla Hickey, Judy Bodman, Judy Schalk

1988 Ft Worth, TX Elite Westerns
Carole Bunge CO, Kasey Gilmore CA? Joanne Pasquale CA, Cori Rizzo TX

Oregon Judges: Vad Woodside, Ruth Sandoz, Cindy Lord, Ann Heppner, Genie McElroy, June Houghton, Denise Green


Colorado Judges Carole Bunge RTD Reg 3, Jana Prochazka CO SJD, Judy Bodman, Priscilla Hickey, Kathi Blazek, Cindy Miyake, CO State Chair, Chris McIntosh.  Regional Lv 9-10 Meet in Dallas, TX, 2012


Jami Pillasch, Ann Heppner, Genie McElroy