Hall of Fame
Mission: To honor achievements in the women’s gymnastics judging realm. Person to be a long term member of NAWGJ, be a supporter to NAWGJ issues, clinician, provider of educational information or tools and/or exemplary officer in NAWGJ.

Life Membership
Mission: To honor a twenty year or more NAWGJ member who has been a major clinician, provider of judging education information, provided support for NAWGJ or held NAWGJ office.



Patty Panichas receiving Hall of Fame and Life Member awards
at the NAWGJ National Symposium in Itasca, Illinois
 on July 18, 2010. Also pictured from left:
Carole Ide, President; Evelyn Chandler, VP;
and Bonnie Synol, Region 7 RJD

Joanne Aschenbrenner receiving her Life Membership award
 from Carole Ide at the NAWJG National Symposium in
Itasca, Illinois on July 18, 2010.


2005 Hall of Fame awarded to Sue Ammerman at the NAWGJ National Symposium in Portland, Oregon on July 16, 2005

NAWGJ President Carole Ide
and Sue Ammerman