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Official information regarding USAG Junior Olympic rules are found in the JO Code of Points, the Junior Olympic Compulsory program book and WTC minutes published in Technique and on the USA Gymnastics website. Refer to USAG for further information on official rules and policies.

Compulsory Study Aids

Practice Tests

Provided by Hilary Carlson   Email:

Miscellaneous Computer Aids

Quizlet Flashcard Programs - Updated August 2019

Provided by Sharon Doyle   Email:

Study Helps

Provided by J.D. McDonald - Email:
      Complimentary Level 6/7 Vault Practice Judging video - 2018-2022
      (re-evaluated using the new deductions for 2019-20 season)

Provided by J.D. McDonald - Email:
      Will It Flip? - A helpful guide to judging Level 6/7 Vault

Provided by Lucia Lake (2019 RFP Winner)   Email:
      Compulsory and Optional Flashcards

Provided by Eric Pung (2019 RFP Winner)   Email:
      Digital Judging Library - Routines with score ranger for all levels and events

Provided by Kathlyn Skeslock (2019 RFP Winner)   Email:
      Skill Bingo Cards
      Symbol Chips 1
      Symbol Chips 2

CV Examples — You Fill In - by Cindy Lord

Composition Examples — You Fill In – by Cindy Lord

Event Differences 6/2018 by Linda McDonald

Level 10 Composition Worksheet – by Michelle Donovan

Optional Practice Tests & Quizzes

Provided by Donnalyn Trevethan   Email Donna

Provided by Robin Ruegg  Email:

Provided by Hilary Carlson  Email:

Compulsary Practice Tests

Provided by Robin Ruegg  Email:

USAG Study Aids & Judging Reference Cards

Shorthand Aids

Provided by Jan Adkins. Email:

Provided by Cookie Batsche

Provided by Brenda Eberhardt  Email:

Provided by Vinnie DiMaggio

Mr. Gymnastics Judge link on YouTube - has some skills and shorthand. These videos were created by Dana Kling. See the links on the Video Links page under the shorthand heading.