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NAWGJ National Governing Board Meeting 
Tropicana Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada   
June 8-9, 2006


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President, Carole Ide at 8:32 AM on June 8, 2006.  Roll call was taken and the following people were in attendance:

Region I – Janet Packwood

Region II – Ann Heppner

Region III – Mary Lee Martin

Region IV - Robin Smith

Region V - Judy Kemp (Approved Proxy for Carole Liedtke)

Region VI - Pat Panichas

Region VII - Bonnie Synol

Region VIII - Sheila Ragle

Vice President – Evelyn Chandler

Secretary/Treasurer – Betty Sroufe

National Librarian – Judy Dobransky

National Newsletter Editor/Website Director – Absent – Judy Hoeferlin is recovering from surgery.

National Judges’ Cup Director – Patty Shipman


Carole welcomed everyone.



Copies of the minutes from the 2005 NGB meeting were distributed for board approval.  Due to her absence, Carole Liedtke had communicated corrections in advance to be considered.  The board approved this procedure and the minutes were approved with changes  and corrections as follows:

Constitution Committee Report

  1. 3rd Bullet -The proxy is an elected member…..
  1. issue contracts, vote on SGB issues, ……or anything in print on behalf of the NAWGJ.

5.   RJD should send the form to the SJDs for their newsletters when….

6.   When a national officer/director…

  1. Non-judge members (associate) are not eligible to vote or run for office.

Heppner/Ragle – Passed 10-0.




A. President’s Report – Carole Ide

            Carole presented a written President’s Report (copy attached) that summarized the meetings she attended during the past year in the capacity as president of NAWGJ as well as insurance issues, symposium comments, USAG-Judges’ Accreditation, and NCAA compliance.  A concern was voiced over the use of contracts other than the NAWGJ form.  Carole will send a copy of the USAG contract that appears in the R & P to our insurance company to see if this is sufficient for our liability insurance coverage.

RJDs were reminded to turn in their NAWGJ Statistical Analysis Report as soon as they were completed.  The discussion concerning the NACGC/W JAS system was tabled until later.  Smith/Sroufe – Passed 10 –0.


B. Vice-President’s Report – Evelyn Chandler

            Evelyn reported that all NGB members would receive a travel disk with the updated Judging Director’s Guide before they leave on Sunday. 

The board approved to use the educational funds to purchase flash drives for all SJDs for the same purpose.  These will be mailed to the SJDs by July 30, 2006. Panichas/Ragle – Approved 10-0.

            The report from the Constitution Committee was tabled until later in the meeting.  Synol/Smith – Passed 10-0.


C.  Secretary-Treasurer’s Report – Betty Sroufe

            Betty handed out regional financial reports and membership lists.  The new membership number is:

1st letter = P for professional, N for new or A for Associate

2nd number = Region

3rd and 4th numbers = year joined

5th and 6th numbers = month joined

Next letters indicate if officer

Last two numbers = year office began

Betty is still having a problem receiving out of date application forms.  She distributed a copy of what card should be used for new members.


D. Late Financial Reports

A copy of the letter received from our accounting firm was distributed. The firm indicated the taxes are not complete and a second extension had to be requested.  All reports MUST be in within 30 days of the close of the period.  A discussion was held on how to solve the problem of getting financial reports turned in on time.

The NGB approved the following procedure for late financial reports. 

Step 1. The 1st time a financial report is late, the SJD will be warned and the SGB is notified.  (Reports are late after March 10, June 10, or November 10, depending on the reporting period.)

Step 2.  If the late report is not turned in within 30 days of the first warning – the SJD office is fined 10% of the balance on the last financial report submitted up to a maximum of $500 and the SGB is notified.  The proceeds from the fine will go to the RJD’s account.

If a SJD is late with a report and step one is invoked, any further late reports by that SJD will result in the 10% fine (maximum $500 to the RJD account) and the SGB being notified.   Heppner/Smith - Passed 10-0.

Step 3.   If the SJD fails to comply to this responsibility a 3rd time, or if any one report continues to be late after step 1 and 2 have been taken, the RGB will review the situation with the result being the SJD being removed from office or the RJD taking over the account.   Martin/Smith - Passed 10-0.


Betty reviewed the current financial status of the association.  The rebates made by each state/region to the national treasury have been completed.  Each of the RJDs will verify with Betty that all rebates have been finalized.


E. Regional Reports

            Each Regional Judging Director shared reports on the activities and issues occurring in their region. 


F. Judges’ Cup Director – Patty Shipman

            Patty reviewed the 2006 Judges’ Cup held in Houston, Texas from January 5-7, 2006.  This year’s competition had 619 gymnasts (16 less than 2005) with 12 state teams, 46 clubs from 15 states.  There were 85 judges representing 26 states.  The meet was very successful and plans are moving forward for the 2007 meet scheduled for Indianapolis, IN, January 5-7, 2007.  Tentative plans are for the 2008 meet to be in San Diego, Calif.


G. Librarian – Judy Dobransky

            Judy handed out two DVDs – 4-5*-6 and 9 & 10.  (* The change in Level 5 Beam with addition of the ˝ turn is not included.)  Linda Chencinski is scripting the Level 9 and 10 and Rene Niccollai will be scripting the Level 7 and 8.  There are no scores or SV.  These will be distributed to the SJDs this weekend. The SJDs are encouraged to view them ASAP to make sure they have copied correctly.

            The library has a new order form with all of the new products including OMNI cards with 2006-07 changes.

            Any one who has good ideas for projects should let Judy know.


H. National Newsletter/Website

            Judy Hoeferlin is recuperating from major surgery.  An undated report will be forthcoming.


Old Business


A. Symposium – Sheila Ragle distributed the final financial report for the 2005

Symposium in Portland.  Evelyn Chandler summarized the participant survey responses which were very positive for site and hotel selection, clinicians, and overall organization.  A special thank you was extended to Region II judges, and Oregon in particular, who were very welcoming to all of the participants.  Two main areas identified for improvement were more practice judging and scheduling the testing earlier in the schedule so that participants can concentrate during sessions.  All comments (positive and negative) have been noted to be utilized in planning the symposium for 2009.


B. Uniform – Sheila Ragle brought a pair of slacks from HPI, a company based in Atlanta, to be considered for the uniform. The NGB voted to give judges the option to buy the slacks immediately since they match the current uniform jacket and are more comfortable than the slacks available from the current uniform company.  The cost will be approximately $50.   Ragle/Smith – Passed 10-0.

The NGB will be researching the possibility of a contract with this company for the entire uniform.

C. Bank signature cards – Carole reminded everyone that all monies must be deposited and accounted for in a NAWGJ account with Betty Sroufe and the RJD listed on the account.  All monies means dues reimbursement, fund raising profits, donations, etc. 

The president temporarily adjourned the meeting at 6:10 PM to be resumed at 9:00 AM on Friday, June 9, 2006.  Selected committees will meet at 8:00 AM.

The NAWGJ National Governing Board meeting was resumed at 9:00 AM, June 9, 2006 with the same persons in attendance as on June 8, 2006.

The president, Carole Ide, resumed the meeting with new business.

New Business

A. Fee Structure – Robin Smith brought up the possibility of requesting a new fee structure with USAG.  After much discussion, it was decided to get input from the
State Judging Directors this weekend. Robin will chair the committee to gather the information with Sheila Ragle and Mary Lee Martin.  

B. Violation of Ethics Procedures – Some incidents have occurred that required SJDs to resort to the Ethics Procedures listed in the Operating Code for resolution.  The NGB made the following changes to the procedures:  Only a professional member in good standing and a gymnastic-related association may file a complaint concerning a professional member of NAWGJ to the SJD.  The changes also allow for the inclusion of a preliminary step to the current grievance procedures to attempt to solve the problem on a local level.

Page 21, Operating Code 

A.  Reporting A Violation – Grievance –

1.      The word “party” has been changed to read, “A professional member in good 

standing desiring to report a violation of this Code by a member of this Association to this Association shall do so by certified letter addressed to the State Judging Director for the State in which the violation is alleged to have occurred. Such a report shall be deemed to be and shall be referred to as a “grievance” and shall state in detail the nature of the violation of which complaint is made and the details and circumstances of its occurrence.

2.  A signed, written complaint against a member of this association may also be filed by a gymnastic-related organization in the same manner as with A.1.

3.  The signed, written complaint must be received within 30 days of the alleged incident.



The State Judging Director, in receipt of such grievance, will

Step 1. Convene a committee of a minimum 2 state governing board members

and the SJD.  This committee will review and resolve the grievance.


If a resolution does not result, the existing process will be utilized.


C. Violations of Contracts

Judges are reminded to review the Canons of NAWGJ.  The NGB voted to adjust Discipline Rule #10 (NAWGJ Operating Code) to read:


 RULE 10: A judge who has accepted an assignment with this association and who later cannot for valid and substantial reasons perform that assignment shall not accept another assignment with the consent of the assigning and contracting official(s).  Martin/Heppner – Approved 10-0.

If the assigning and contracting official(s) request, the judge should make every reasonable effort to replace herself/himself with a judge of equal rating and ability and shall undertake to do so at the earliest possible time.   

Ragle/Heppner – Approved 10-0.


D.     NCAA Compliance – Any state or region considering giving actual and necessary expenses for participation on a state team such as leotards, travel, or housing  expenses to a gymnast in any form (a direct monetary reimbursement is not allowed) is encouraged to make the gymnast aware in writing that they have a responsibility to make sure that this award will not jeopardize their future eligibility for collegiate athletics. The gymnast and her family should investigate this possibility prior to acceptance of the award.


E.   Incorporation – Carole will be pursuing Incorporation Status in the State Of Nevada.


F.   Symposium Funds Disbursement -

The Disbursement Committee comprised of Betty Sroufe, Patty Panichas, and Mary Lee Martin recommended that for the 2005 symposium and future symposiums that are directed by NAWGJ NGB members, 25% of the net profits be shared by the working committee and a donation be made to the host state’s NAWGJ state account.  A committee of a minimum of 3 NGB members will determine the payment details.  Synol/Smith – Approved 8–0-2 abstained.


G.  Election Eligibility for National Officer Positions –

The Code was changed to read that judges appointed to one of the appointed to the National Governing Board, (i.e., National Judges’ Cup Director, National Librarian, National Newsletter Editor/Website Director, or National Symposium Director) would be eligible for the office of NAWGJ President if they have served in that position for a minimum of 4 years.  Smith/Heppner – Approved 10-0.


Tabled Items – Constitution Committee Report

Operating Code –

-  Permission for Proxys to be names for President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer  has been removed from the Code.  Heppner/Smith   Passed. 10-0.

-  Carole Ide and Evelyn Chandler will update the NAWGJ Fee Schedule for NGB approval.

-  A clarification was made that the positions for National Librarian and National Newsletter Editor/Website Director are four year terms terminating with the presidents term.

Next Meeting/SJD Workshop – Four areas have been recommended and will be discussed with the SJDs this weekend – St. Louis, San Antonio, Northeast (New York/Philadelphia area and Hawaii.

Nettie Awards – Mary Lee Martin and Janet Packwood will award the Nettie Award winners on Sunday, June 11, 2006 from the following nominees: 

Best Layout and Design –    Texas - Leslie Patterson and  S. CA. - Piper White
                                              and Tammy Parsons (Tie)

                                              Nominees were: N. CA., Texas, S. CA, IL, AL

Best Educational Article –    Iowa - Windee Weiss
                                              Nominees: Iowa, Indiana

Best Informational Article – Michigan  - Georgette Dupree
                                              Nominees:  Michigan, Texas

Best Feature Article -             Texas- Leslie Patterson
                                              Nominees: KY, Mich, Texas, GA

Most Humorous Article -     Georgia - Jean DeArmon
                                              Nominees: Georgia, Michigan

Most Humorous Video –      Minnesota, Barb Tebbens

Best Web Site –                    Alabama - Mary Ann Wallace
                                              Nominees:  AL, GA, OH

Meeting Adjourned at 4:40 PM.  Panichas/Synol – Passed 10-0.


Respectfully submitted,                           Minutes read and approved,

Evelyn A. Chandler, Vice President            Carole Ide, President