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NAWGJ National Governing Board Meeting
DoubleTree Hotel    Portland, Oregon
July 11-12, 2005


            The meeting was called to order by Carole Ide, President, at 10:40 AM on July 11, 2005.  Roll call was taken and the following people were in attendance:

Region I – Janet Packwood            

Region II – Ann Heppner

Region III – Mary Lee Martin                       

Region IV – Robin Smith

Region V – Carole Liedtke                         

Region VI – Pat Panichas (Arrived 12:45 PM)

Region VII – Bonnie Synol                          

Region VIII – Sheila Ragle

Vice President – Evelyn Chandler             

Secretary/Treasurer – Betty Sroufe

National Librarian – Judy Dobransky        

National Newsletter Editor/Website Director – Judy Hoeferlin

National Judges’ Cup Director – Patty Shipman                         


Carole welcomed Ann Heppner from Region II as the newly elected RJD. 



The minutes from the 2004 summer meeting in Nashville,Tennessee were approved with one correction – Carole Liedtke’s name had been misspelled.

Martin/Smith – Passed 9-0


President’s Report

            Carole presented a written President’s Report that summarized the meetings she attended during the past year in the capacity as president of NAWGJ.


Insurance Report

            Carole reported that NAWGJ D/O is still carried by Snyder Insurance Company but we are now covered by CNA – Continental Casualty.  Our member’s policy is with K&K through City Securities in Indianapolis.  After the meeting in 2004, coverage was obtained for elected State Governing Board members.  Concerns were expressed that all officers (State, Regional and National) must follow the written constitution and operating guide closely.  Actions taken by all directors, in the capacity as directors, has to be within the written scope of the position.


Vice President’s Report

            Evelyn distributed new editions of the Director’s Guides.  Any new pages or revisions will have the date noted in the footer and marked “revision”.

Motion: The Director’s Guide will be published on the website in PDF form with password protection for State and Regional Judging Directors access.  The Constitution and Code of Professional Responsibilities will be available for all members.  Hoeferlin/Sroufe – Passed 8-1

Motion:  A page will be added to the website with election information for the general membershipRagle/Martin – Passed 10-0

Carole appointed Sheila to gather the information to be included.        

Motion:  The newly printed guide will be copied and made available to the State Judging Directors on Wednesday even though there may be few changes to be made as the meetings progress this week.  Smith/Martin – Passed 10-0



Treasurer’s Report

            Betty reported that she sent NAWGJ items to Judy Grenfell as a thank you for her years of service as Vice President.  She then distributed calculators to the NGB members who have been members for 25 years and key tags to 20 year members.  Judges’ service is determined by continuation of membership.  After a one year or more break, a judge’s renewal is considered equal to a new membership.

            She announced that the number of members was 90 less than a year ago, however, new forms are being processed daily.   The recertification year is normally a time when some judges decide to not retest.  However, this is also the time when new people choose to get involved and first-time judges join in late summer and early fall.  The need to have NAWGJ membership forms available at each testing was discussed.  Test administrators can call Betty to have cards sent to them at the same time they schedule the testing date with USAG.

            The audited financial report is not ready since the auditor is still waiting on a couple of states to submit their reports that were due June 30.  RJDs were asked to encourage the SJDs to get these in on time.

Motion:  The rebate the states made to the national treasury will not be necessary for the 3rd year as was originally voted for in 2003.  States will still be responsible for the 1st 2 year rebates if not paid at this time.  Smith/Sroufe – passed 10-0


Regional Reports

All eight Regional Judging Directors gave written and oral reports of activities and events occurring in their regions.  Carole reminded all RJDs to have copies of all state newsletters sent to National officers.


Judges’ Cup Director

Patty Shipman reviewed the 2005 National Judges’ Cup in New Orleans.  The participation totals were: 54 clubs from 18 states, 85 judges from 29 states and 635 gymnasts.  Twelve state teams were represented in the team competition.  The meet was very successful even though the gymnasts in the local area were not in their competitive season.

            The 2006 Judges’ Cup will be in Houston, Texas, January 6-8 at the George R. Brown Center.  John Roethlisberger  and John McCready  will be in attendance to support the competition.  

Motion:  Patty Shipman will continue to have USA Sports Productions assist with support of the 2006 and 2007 events and begin plans for 2008.  Smith/Sroufe – Passed 10-0

            There was a discussion concerning the request from the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame for NAWGJ to partner with their invitational.  The time of year of the meet (May) was a concern along with the goals of NAWGJ.  One of NAWGJ”S goals is to bring our National Judges’ Cup to various parts of the USA.  The discussion was tabled.



            Judy announced that there are new order blanks for items in the library.  She said uniforms would be on sale at the symposium and stated the hours the library would be open during the week.  She recently purchased a replicator to burn 50 CD’s at one time.  SJDs will be receiving new 7/8 and 9/10 practice routines with scripts on DVD.

            All judges need to be aware of duplicating copyrighted material for sale (USAG routines, deduction pages, etc.).  Information can be copied and used in clinics if not sold to participants.


Meeting Reconvened – July 12, 2005 8:35 AM


All Board Members were present with the exception of Judy Dobransky, Librarian.  She was on site preparing the library to receive items being shipped for the symposium.


Newsletter Editor/Website Director’s Report

            Judy Hoeferlin discussed the timeliness and expense of sending out hard copy newsletters twice a year.  She is still not getting all State Judging Director’s newsletters. 


Motion: NAWGJ will continue to have two national newsletters annually, both of which will be placed on the website.  In addition, one of these will be mailed as a hard copy to all members.  Smith/Ragle – Passed 10-0


Motion: Each Regional Judging Director will select a person to act as liaison between their region and the National Newsletter Editor/Website Director. Shipman/Smith – Passed 10-0    This person’s task will be to supply news items from each of the member states in their region to the National Newsletter Editor/Website Director for possible publication.

            Changes to be made to the website include: reorganization of the front page, addition of a “What’s New” page,  addition of “Judges in the News”, and the addition of the Director’s Guide (password protected).


Constitution Committee Report

The committee (Chandler, Martin, and Liedtke)  presented the following changes to the Operating Code for discussion.

1.  An approved proxy will have a vote if: 

  • approved in writing by the president for NGB meetings and must be a SJD from that region or a member of the current NGB.
  • approved in writing by the RJD for RGB meetings and must be a member of that state’s SGB or the current RGB. 
  • The proxy is a member of the SGB for SGB meetings.

2.     Members may request to review past reports but not receipts or bank statements of the association.  This is to be done at a time and place named by the appropriate director in the director’s presence. 

(All reports, including receipts and bank statements, are reviewed by a minimum  

of two directors according to current NAWGJ policies and procedures.)

3.      Members of SGB must be elected.  If SGB members are not elected, they can not carry out duties which allow them to handle funds, issue contracts or write newsletters.

4.  Add to SJD Duties:

SJD can send information and newsletters on the internet but must find out which judge(s) does not have access and mail the information.

When making assignments, the SJD should inform judges that rating and availability does not guarantee assignment.

Publish the form in the State Newsletter when an officer/director runs unopposed.

5.  Add to RJD Duties:

RJD should send the form to the SJDs when an officer/director runs unopposed.

6.  Add to Newsletter Editor/Website Director and Vice President Duties:

When an officer//director runs unopposed, the form is to be published on the website.

7.  Add to the Inventory Form:

Name of item with model number and brand name.



Old Business

            Uniform - Sheila Ragle opened the discussion of changing companies for the uniforms.  The uniform color and style will remain the same but we should find a company that can make the A-Line skirt.  

Motion:  A committee will be formed to investigate the possibility or the necessity of a new uniform producer. Smith/Ragle – Passed 10-0.  Sheila Ragle- chair, Janet Packwood and Robin Smith will serve on the uniform committee.  Betty Sroufe will serve in an advisory capacity.  The committee will do research in areas such as: size availability, “A-Line” skirt availability, longevity of company, cost, fabric, etc.  


JAS - Carole served as the National Coordinator of the NCAA Judges Assigning System (JAS) for the 2005 season.  She reviewed the data of assignments and summarized the first year of implementation.  In general, everyone involved felt the system was an improvement and the NCAA coaches association has requested that the system continue for the 2006.  The NCAA Competition Committee voted to require all schools to use JAS if they want their scores to count for regional qualification.





New Business

State Concerns –

  • SJD must have bank account in her name with the RJD and National Treasurer’s names on the signature card,  The SJD is responsible for funds in the state.
  • If SJD does not turn in reports, the RJD is to remind the director she/he can not run for office until reports are in.  National rebates can be withheld and/or the RJD can close the state account and take it over.  Proper director’s signatures must be on all accounts opened in the name of NAWGJ.


Hall of Fame/Lifetime Members –

Motion: The Guidelines for selection of Hall of Fame Invitees and Life Memberships are to be placed in the Operating Code.  Smith/Liedtke – Passed 9-0   1 abstention


Motion:  To induct Sue Ammerman into the NAWGJ Hall of Fame.  Liedtke/Sroufe – Passed 10-0.

The awards/recognition committee is Bonnie Synol – chair, Carole Liedtke and Ann Heppner.


Next Meeting/SJD Workshop – The board members recommended that two areas be highly considered in the selection of the site for the meeting next summer.  One is the expense for the majority of the participants and (2) having the meeting in connection with another event.  Patty Shipman will research areas that offer best prices in mid-June to the end of July. 


Nettie Awards – Mary Lee Martin and Janet Packwood presented the nominees for the Nettie Awards.  The NGB members selected the winners who will be announced at the SJD Workshop on Wednesday, July 13.   


Best Layout and Design – Texas, Leslie Patterson

Best Educational Article – New York North, Margarete Bonkiewicz

Best Informational Article – Ohio, Carol Arnaut

Best Feature Article – Illinois, Jeanne Johnson

Most Humorous Article – Michigan, Geogette Dupke

Most Humorous Video – Minnesota, Barb Tebbens

Best Web Site  - Texas, Leslie Patterson


Motion to adjourn at 1:30 PM – Liedtke/Panichas




Respectively submitted,                                          

Minutes read and approved,